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I don’t feel like typing today

How’s that for useless?


A day filled with nothing.

Kind of. I spent most of my day typing… and it wasn’t code. I’m doing a manual for an application I’ve built for the Human Resources department of my company. It’s not like I find that boring, that’s not it really. It’s just that I didn’t really do anything but: writing a user manual. Fine, I went to the logistics building to gather some information about a new application I have to write for them, but that was like 45 minutes of my day.

On the bright side, it was a pretty smooth day. No stress, no pressure, nobody bothering me, nothing. Which brings me to another point: If today was such a smooth day, given the chances and the rate of such type of day happening in a week, tomorrow is going to be a bad day. Now, considering that I have 2 meetings tomorrow that take up about 30% of my work-time, tomorrow isn’t going to be as bad as it could if I was available 100%. On top of that, the chances of having 2 good days in a week are even thinner – I mean think about, what are the odds of having 2 good days in a row? – Having that said I’m left with the thought of the day after tomorrow going to be the worst day of the week not just because of the whole chances gibberish but also because there’s going to be a substantial amount of Media at my workplace. Apparently the Prime Minister is making a “tour” through all the successful companies and is also advertising them, I guess? Not sure on how the visit of our Prime Minister benefits us considering damage his image has been taking for the last few months with all those cases of corruption and the attempt of controlling the media, but in all honesty, I couldn’t care less – just stay away from my desk, Mr. PR.

Hey! Me…

I’m not the writing type of person, seriously, i’m not.

Having that said blogs shouldn’t really be my thing either, right?
Biggest problem I have right now is, what to write. I could write about myself but my persona isn’t very interesting, you can trust me one that one.

So really I don’t have a theme, a subject, nothing to start this blog. My goal with this site is to write about everything be it day-to-day situations, stuff I read on the web, my work, something that pisses me off (will try to keep that to a minimum, I get pissed quite often), etc. I also got no clue as to how and what brings people to read my blog, but judging by the interest level of the stuff I’m going to write about, there will be no one reading this which is cool, to some extent, I guess.

Eventually, this post itself will evaporate. As the content and visibility of this blog grows and my interest on it increases, there will be no space for useless posts such as this one. Till then, useless will have to do.