If you're looking for useless stuff. You found it!

Hey! Me…

I’m not the writing type of person, seriously, i’m not.

Having that said blogs shouldn’t really be my thing either, right?
Biggest problem I have right now is, what to write. I could write about myself but my persona isn’t very interesting, you can trust me one that one.

So really I don’t have a theme, a subject, nothing to start this blog. My goal with this site is to write about everything be it day-to-day situations, stuff I read on the web, my work, something that pisses me off (will try to keep that to a minimum, I get pissed quite often), etc. I also got no clue as to how and what brings people to read my blog, but judging by the interest level of the stuff I’m going to write about, there will be no one reading this which is cool, to some extent, I guess.

Eventually, this post itself will evaporate. As the content and visibility of this blog grows and my interest on it increases, there will be no space for useless posts such as this one. Till then, useless will have to do.


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