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Bogus feeling

A lot of people at my work consider the IT department an expense rather than a valuable part of the company. Moreover, not only they disregard its importance they also see the people who work at the IT dept. as “people who don’t do squat”. This type of feeling and mentality not only gives me the urge of punching everyone in the face but also makes me realize how clueless and ignorant the people at my work are. For a lot of them the reason behind the existence of an IT department in the company is as simple as “because we have computers”.

People take for granted the fact that, when they get to work, they will have a computer with a internet connection, access to their e-mail account and, in some cases, messenger. I’m cool with that, because in all honesty that is probably the lowest level type of thing(s) that the IT department is in charge of proving to the entire company. People do not realize that to send and receive emails there has to be a server providing a mail service, in order to see how much the company has made in the last day there is a sales system integrated with our core system (ERP) that processes and provides that information. People also fail to see how much work is behind an application that allows them to see if a order has arrived or if it’s still being processed, they fail to see how much time it took the IT people to create applications to make the other departments work easier. Basically, they fail at having the most basic understanding of what a IT department is.

Funniest part in all of this is people only have a glimpse of the importance of an department like mine when something stops working.

Sometimes I wish the servers went down for a week just to make people use the goddamn pen and paper like the old days. Even then I’m not sure if everybody would understand our work.

Here’s an interesting link that goes a bit more into detail about the importance of the IT in a company:


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