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Time is running out

Right. I got plenty of that, give me a break. Or maybe I don’t but that isn’t the point anyway. I just wish sometimes I had more time to spend on the stuff I really like and want to do. This past week was filled with a bunch of issues (quite a few of them were not mine, but that’s OK – sort of) that I just decided I had to put an end on them. I’ve given some thought on the matter and I realized that, sometimes, the problems that escalate to the point of having people complaining (heavily) are the ones that are solved in a matter of minutes. Delaying these kind of issues just because they are not a priority can lead to the accumulation of them to a point where you just have too many to actually feel like resolving them. So, maybe sometimes the key is to just take care of them immediately or at least take note of it on a post-it to try and resolve them as soon as possible.

Another good thing is to let people know when you can’t fix their issue on the time limit you/they defined. Granted sometimes that’s not a possibility, it’s still a good way to damage-control. Plus, people like attention and they like it when you show to them that their problem is important. It’s all about psychology really. Nothing is urgent and clearly nothing is a life-or-death situation unless you let it go that way. Keeping things under control is essential in my (humble) opinion.

Oh, and by the way, I love competition. /happy-face


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