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Consider this the very first post that falls under the “pissed off” category. Nothing pisses me off more than people that likes to show off their power by disrespecting the others. Not only it pisses me off, it makes me want to punch them hard. (note to self: self control) You see, when it comes to power there’s two types of people: those who actually have it and those who don’t, but still try to obtain it.

It’s impressive how people try to get stuff done for them by asking other people to do it. Even more impressive is when that sort of task requires a lot of time and effort and they don’t even offer themselves to help you. Think of it like  a “do this so I don’t have to bother with it” type of attitude. Think it’s enough? Nah! Besides the attitude, they even got the nerves to put a time limit and demand it to be done right away.  Oh, and you know what? They even get pissed at you because you told him “Sorry man, right now I’m too busy to give you a hand with that”. It’s just … genius! I mean, damn, I wish I had a slave to do all the work I don’t like to do for me – If you know where I can get one, please mail me the info! (And hey, graduates don’t count!) – WAIT, it’s not the end yet. Now, imagine the person who has this type of attitude and is askin… I mean, demanding you to help him is actually the one person who receives more help from you.
Isn’t it like, the ultimate type of appreciation one can have from a person who keeps receiving your help and NEVER helped YOU with anything?

It’s quite an achievement to have the balls to try to exploit people just like that. If “get people to do work for you while you’re a mere employee” was an objective I’d say that guy would get 110%.

Congratufuckyoulations man!


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