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Google goes Bing!

Enough said! 🙂 I think it’s the first time I see Google following Microsoft’s trends.

Quite interesting… and I do like Bing more right now than Google; not only because I find Bing much more fluid in all-around search but specially since I discovered Google History.

(7.53pm) Little update:



  justdc wrote @


  porschedream wrote @

wow lol web history is nasty but i dont see any compromises being made in our privacy, and i still prefer google 🙂 havent tried bing though so that thought has little weight

  Steves wrote @

Personally, anything that tracks my browsing history other than my browser makes me unconfortable. As far as I know, google uses that information together with their AdSense program to provide more accurate ads to users. (I believe there’s a news hanging around on the web about this same thing being used on YouTube watched videos)

As for Bing, like I said, I like it. I guess I’m just tired of Google and to be honest, iGoogle doesn’t really cuts it. I used it for over 3 years but , besides the GMail and the ‘This day in history’ addons, there was nothing else that I could find usefull. And let’s face it, I can get that information from a crapload of websites anyway for it’s not like it was a *awesome* feature.

And you try Bing image search, much faster and pratical to use than Google. 🙂

Oh and btw, thanks for the comment!

  porschedream wrote @

np mate ))

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