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iPhone 4, the aftermath.

Presented to the world 3 weeks ago with pre-orders getting so high that some providers had to stop accepting them, iPhone4 owners have already started to report the first problems. The we-are-so-smart-and-so-cool-and-fashioned antenna feature apparently is not that smart after all. According to Gizmodo, the new iPhone from Apple loses reception when you hold it by the antenna band (video here), besides that, there’s also several people reporting strange yellow spots on the iPhone display.

Nothing surprising here to be honest, there’s always issues when a new product is launched particularly when we’re talking about iPhone, but also considering that Apple rushed up the iPhone 4 release to race with the competitors, so you know what?

I’m glad these gadgets always get released first in the US or whatever country, they are the test users for Europe in most of these cases, hah! 🙂


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